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Admissions Information

We accept admissions throughout the year and applications can be made at any time. Call Nadine Harper on 0121 8090666 or use our email contact form to have an initial discussion, or to arrange to visit us and have a look around.

How to Apply

For a young person to be admitted, the college must be named by a Local Authority in the young person's Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). If you wish your young person to benefit from our provision you should ask your local authority to name our college in your young person’s EHCP. A local authority can also refer a young person to us to be assessed for an EHCP, or following a change in the young person’s circumstances for his or her needs to be assessed or reassessed. Any assessment should be completed within the 20 weeks set out in the SEND Code of Practice.

We do also accept applications made to us directly and we can arrange the funding for a placement with us, however the young person must first have an EHCP in place.

The application process involves the following steps:

  • Contact us to arrange a visit to see our college (see above for contact details).
  • If you believe that we may be the right choice for you/your son or daughter, complete an application form or ask your local authority to name us in their EHCP.
  • A panel review will be held to review the referral and ensure HBVC can meet the needs of the young person.
  • If we believe that HBVC is right for the young person, we will offer a place and if this is accepted, we will submit an application for funding to the relevant agencies. If we don’t believe this to be the case, we will provide a clear explanation of why we think this is so. 
  • Once funding has been confirmed, we will put a plan in place to support your son or daughter’s transition into our College. This involves sending out welcome packs and arranging an assessment day and transition plan. 

Contact Nadine Harper, Transitions Co-ordinator by calling 0121 809 0666 for an application pack.

Further Information

The EHCP should be completed by a Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review (SENAR) service or your Local Authority for referrals from outside of Birmingham. The Birmingham City Council SENAR team can be reached on 0121 303 1888, but please do contact us if you have any questions on this process.

For further information on our college, and the process for obtaining a place here please download our Admissions Policy here or get in touch with us using the details above.