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Our Core Curriculum

The 3 main areas of learning at HBVC are Employment, Community Inclusion and Health and Wellbeing. Working alongside the Preparing for Adulthood framework, all learners at HBVC are provided diverse learning opportunities to work towards a wide range of learning topics to improve and develop on their independence skills as well as preparing them for employment. Additionally, learners will gain knowledge and understanding of how to safely explore their local and wider community. As well as this, learners will learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, considering both their physical and mental health and wellbeing.   

The curriculum model that learners work with during their time at HBVC is skills-focused and diverse. The skills we aim for learners to develop, and gain are sequenced in a way that ensures that learning is scaffolded so our learners can learn new skills, demonstrate them in a range of settings, and continue to practice them with less support. 

Integral to our curriculum model is how we put the learner in the centre of the teaching and learning at HBVC. In the first week that learners join the college, they will discuss with their class staff their career aims, learning goals and aspirations. This is done on an individual basis and ensures our teaching and learning staff personalise each learner’s journey while they are with us here at HBVC. In each term’s curriculum map, there are different topic choices related to the learning content planned for that term. Learners will be able to put forward which areas of learning are most important to them, and this will become a learning focus for future sessions. This process is done on a termly basis to ensure that planned tasks and sessions adapt with any potential changes of interest our learners have.  

As well as the skills identified in the curriculum maps, there are additional elements of learning that are within planned sessions. Embedded in all sessions is learning focused on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Functional Skills, ICT skills, Independence skills and British Values. Culturally significant days and festivals are also recognised at HBVC throughout the academic year.  

By completing the learning programme at HBVC, learners will become equipped with the skills that will support them to become more independent and more work ready.