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Horticulture & Education Programme

By completing the Horticulture program at the Edgbaston Priory Club, learners will gain the skills needed to participate in a wide range of horticulture tasks and activities. Learners will participate in a seasonal and sustainable learning program, gaining knowledge and understanding of plant care, using different tools and equipment, and harvesting plants at the correct times, for example. Learners on the horticulture program will work alongside HBVC’s core curriculum, as all enrolled learners do. Additionally, learners will work towards aims and outcomes on a horticulture-focussed curriculum map. This is where learners will gain the specific and industry relevant skills and knowledge needed to participate in a range of horticulture tasks and activities.

In Horticulture sessions, you will learn how to plant seeds, care for plants and harvest things when they’re ready to be used or eaten. You will learn how to take cuttings from plants so that they can be grown again for the next season, as well as knowing which plants grow best in each season. While participating in these sessions you will be learning how to safely use specific tools and equipment used in horticulture to enable you to explore gardens and outdoor spaces in different ways. 

Participating in sessions and working on-site at the Edgbaston Priory Club will provide you with a learning experience that is varied, hands-on, and in an industry leading environment. You will gain industry-specific learning in horticulture in a prestigious environment alongside a HBVC’s Teaching and Learning team and EPC’s Grounds Team. The skills and knowledge gained from this learning offer will enable you to explore Horticulture as a potential career option as well as from a perspective of a hobby or interest.