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Heart of Birmingham Vocational College

Providing valuable lifelong learning

A Day in the Life of Our Learners


We will support you to get ready for the career you want.

We will help you to develop the skills you need to get, keep and be successful in a job. These are the skills and attitudes that will enable you to get along with your colleagues, make important decisions and solve problems. You will also learn how to develop respect and ultimately become a strong ambassador for your employer

Community Inclusion

You will learn how to access and interact safely with your local and wider community. HBVC’s learning groups spend a lot of time participating in off-site learning, exploring learning opportunities around the city and sometimes further afield. You will learn how to use public transport, how to recognise and manage potential hazards, as well as learning what to do if you need support when accessing the community. 

Health and Wellbeing

Our Independent Living Skills sessions will help you to live more independently. You will learn through hands-on, real experiences, which will build your self-esteem.

We will work with you to meet your personal needs, whether you want to learn how to deal with problems and communicate with others or how to manage your money. You can also learn how to look after your personal hygiene, plan meals, get out and about, take part in sports or creative activities, and much, much more.

A typical day at HBVC