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Windles Community Hub at HBVC


Welcome to the Windles Community Hub! Based at Heart of Birmingham Vocational College, the Windles Community Hub is a pilot community initiative which launched in October 2022.

We're currently looking for volunteers to work with our members in Windles - scroll down for more information and how to apply!

Who we are and what we do

The Windles Community Hub is a social day provision operating out of the Bromford campus of Heart of Birmingham Vocational College. Windles provides a space where young people can learn new skills, socialise, and spend time with peers in a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment. At Windles our members will gain experience and new skills to help them become more independent and to prepare them for the next stage of their adult life. Members will participate in authentic, practical, hands-on activities that will increase confidence and prepare them for the future they want.

Windles staff will support our members to effectively plan out their next steps and outcomes for when they no longer attend Windles. Members, their families and HBVC staff will meet at regular points to agree targets to work towards as part of an ongoing Personal Action Plan that is individualised for each young person attending Windles.

What to expect from attending the Windles Community Hub

The Windles Community Hub provides our members a number of activities to participate in. Sessions and activities will be delivered via Windles Workshops. These workshops will be prepared to themes such as Horticulture, Community Inclusion, Healthy Lifestyles, and Enterprise. There will also be a Windles Wednesday session which focuses on members socialising with others and exploring their hobbies and interests. Activities will take place both in the Windles Community Hub and within local and wider communities. Sessions and activities will be prepared and delivered by professionals with extensive experience in supporting young adults with SEND and/or autism. All young people attending Windles will be supported to apply for a Social Worker and Direct Payments from Birmingham City Council to potentially fund their membership.

Windles staff will work alongside our members and their parents/families/carers to create, update, and monitor a Personal Action Plan. This plan will be updated throughout every members’ time at Windles. Staff will support members to make decisions on what they would like to achieve during their time at Windles, what they would like to move on to in the future, and the most effective ways of achieving those aims. This will involve regular meetings with members and their parents/families/carers to agree on suitable actions to ensure that plans are in place for what comes next once they leave Windles.

Why choose Windles?


By participating in activities in the hub, our members will have gained new skills in a wide range of personal development areas and experience a reduction in social isolation. Members will become more independent in many different areas of life. For example, being able to prepare something to eat more independently, or learning how to communicate safely and effectively with members of the public.

By working alongside HBVC staff, members will be prepared to move on to their next steps after attending Windles. Members and their families will have the support, information and advice needed to safely explore their communities, and find meaningful long-term outcomes within them.

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Volunteers Needed!

Are you looking for ways to use your time right and still contribute to the community, or do you have a passion for helping people and are looking to reintegrate into a working environment? Do you have a skill or talent to share? We’re always looking for innovative ideas that will engage our members. So, if you have something to offer, or even if you don’t - your time and dedication to a wonderful cause is enough, and we’d love to hear from you!

Why not consider becoming an integral part of the team at Heart of Birmingham Vocational College – we need volunteers! Join a community where young people, parents and caregivers are at the heart of everything we do.

Using your spare time to attend to the needs of vulnerable young people can be an extremely rewarding experience. As a volunteer, you will play an important role in the lives of young people with additional needs by aiding their development and supporting them to become active members of society.

Click here to download our Volunteer advert or view it below to find out more and how to express your interest: