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Heart of Birmingham Vocational College

Providing valuable lifelong learning


Who Are We?

We offer personalised learning programmes for learners aged 16–25 who have moderate to severe learning difficulties and/or autism. At Heart of Birmingham Vocational College you will be encouraged to reach a level of independence that is right for you and the direction you want your life to take.

You will learn within the college, and at local community facilities and through trips out into the wider community. You will gain experience and learn new skills to prepare you for employment and to help you become more independent.

Executive Principal’s welcome

On behalf of our learners and staff team I would like to welcome you to Heart of Birmingham Vocational College. We all like to call the college HBVC, it’s so much easier to say!

HBVC is a specialist college based in Birmingham, Edgbaston and Redditch, for young people with additional needs. We offer full-time Study Programmes that provide individualised learning experiences, whilst developing your key employability and supported living skills. Our staff team are very passionate about making HBVC a great place for everyone to be, we have a unique approach to ensuring everyone feels a part of our college, we believe in these values:

  • Openness- we use a simple, open and honest approach
  • Challenge- we challenge expectations and awareness, internally and externally
  • Excellence- we aim for excellence in all our teaching and learning
  • Development- we strive to consistently improve the skills and abilities of our learners and staff
  • Inclusion- we recognise the value of each individual

I would like to invite you to come and visit one of our campuses and see for yourself, HBVC is a great place to be – we will support you to develop yourself, and give you the skills to move onto the next stage of your life.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


We are an independent specialist college, which opened in 2014. It provides a safe, secure and independent learning environment.

We will work with you to create an individual learning programme based on your interests, needs and goals. Your learning pathway could be designed to guide you on the road to employment or to help you live more independently. Whichever course you choose, you will gain skills that will grow and develop over time.

Each learning plan will support you with English, maths and information and communications technology (ICT). Your emotional development will also be supported.

Your timetable will be clear and easy to use, while your progress and achievements will be recognised and recorded. You will learn through practical, realistic experiences that will expand your skills to help you make the very best of your future.

We are based at The Bromford, which is near to Star City and The Fort Shopping Park.

No. It is a full-time day college, open from September to July. We can provide you with training to travel to and from college, if appropriate.

We can cater for 120 learners.

Our vision

To empower our learners to prepare themselves for the next stage of their adult lives by providing them with transferable skills that enable them to become purposeful independent individuals and to find their place in their community.

Our mission

To provide an inspirational learning environment for person centred vocational education in a community based setting, enabling learners to achieve exceptional outcomes.

What do our learners think?

Watch the video below to find out what our learners think about our college:

Hbvc - the place to be!

Our Values

Our team will support you as you make your own decisions about your life and learning.

  • Openness -We use a simple, open and honest approach
  • Determination - We are determined to raise expectations and awareness, internally and externally
  • Excellence - We aim for excellence in all of our teaching and learning
  • Progress - We strive to develop the skills and knowledge of our learners and staff
  • Respect - We recognise the value of each individual by promoting equality and diversity for all
  • Empowerment - We empower our learners to meet their aspirations through learner led teaching and coaching