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Work Placements

At HBVC we are committed to supporting young people to prepare for their future and achieve the best possible outcomes. Our inclusive work experience programme is offered to all our students. As well as work in the community we have a wealth of work experience opportunities in college ...

All learners at HBVC attend work placements at least once a fortnight throughout the academic year. We are continually growing the number of employer partners we work with, and this year alone are partnered with 23 Employers to provide a vast range of work placements to our students, including a range of opportunities such as group and individual placements, Supported Internships, and virtual work experience.

The Work Placement Journey

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Students in Year 1 can explore several work placement opportunities to assist in identifying their individual career path. Year 2 have bespoke placements where roles are job calved in line with their individual aspirations. Year 3 Students attend individual work placements in line with their outcomes to enable them to transition into Supported Internships, Apprenticeships, Paid Employment, Voluntary Work, Further Education